Have you ever caught your man masturbating?

Does it piss you off?


I want to explain why guys jack off from a man’s point of view. It’s pretty easy. We’re lazy and it’s easy.

Don’t be threatened by your man’s masturbation habits. We don’t do it to make up for something you don’t provide and it doesn’t replace you.

It’s just fun! Kind of like a hobby. When we cum, it’s not a full blown orgasm like we get from sex. It’s a lot more simple. It’s quick, easy, and relaxing.

It just takes a LOT less energy than sex. We don’t have to worry about foreplay, if you’re in the mood, or how our breath smells because it doesn’t matter. It’s all about us. No sweating or physical labor involved. 10 minutes and we’re good!!

So if you’re the type of chick that won’t discuss or admit that your man jacks off, grow up and relax. It’s a pretty good feeling and great sexting ammunition when you’re open and honest about it. Don’t be threatened. It’s harmless.

Unless he goes blind….

Stay dirty…