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Same Sex, Different Day

I’ve been asked quite a few times if women, more specifically, vagina is all the same.  Married men have asked because they haven’t been with enough partners to know and women have asked because they want to know how they can be different.  Here’s the way I see it.

The short answer is yes, it’s basically all the same.  In general, women are women. Sex is sex. Blah blah blah.  So, men, if you’ve been married and faithful for 50 years and you’re wondering what your missing out on, nothing (wink, wink). Stop reading now and go clean out the garage.

Now that it’s only us deviants left, lets cut the shit.  Of course it’s all different!  Women aren’t the same.  Bodies aren’t the same.  Personalities, chemistry, and circumstances all make every partner different.  It’s hard to describe what the difference between a good partner and a bad partner.  There are so many variables that are probably different for every man.

For me, a huge aspect to good sex is personality.  I’d fuck a good personality.  A cool girl makes sex relaxing, fun, and interesting.  She makes it okay to try crazy positions.  Doesn’t freak out about strange noises or fluids that sometimes happen.  Is comfortable with her body, and mine.  Enthusiastic about sex and doesn’t make me feel like she’s doing it as a favor or because she’s obligated to.  I know this contradicts our macho, fuck anything with a heartbeat, reputations.  Sorry!

Physical qualities of a woman definitely play a huge roll as well.  As much as I might want to fuck a personality, I can’t.  I have to be physically attracted.  Everyone has different likes/dislikes.  At this in point in my life, I like a mature woman with some life scars.  Someone with experience and confidence.  I’m more attracted to super moms than super models.

Vaginas.  Yup, there’s a difference.  There’s not much you can do to control the defining qualities of your vagina.  You can do Kegel exercises, but you’re basically stuck with what you have.

Some vaginas are inherently tight, and some are loose.  Some get super wet, and other’s require lube.  Some are anatomically built to take deep penetration, and some just can’t do it.  Some girls work their pussies like a stripper on a pole during sex, some just lay there.  Shaved and hairy.  No smell and aromatic.  Fat lips and thin lips.  The point is, NO.  It’s not all the same!  Accept what you have and be proud of it.  Fuck him like you’re never going to see him again.  Utilize you’re strong qualities and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I kind of feel sorry for people that have only been with one or two people in their life.  They can’t possibly know what they really like.  I do!

Excellent perspective from a woman!


Is there such thing as a bad blowjob?  That’s kind of like too much money, right?  Wrong. If the blowjob isn’t good, we’d rather just do it ourselves.  Just for the record, I’m 100% heterosexual and I have never given a blowjob, nor is it on my to-do list.  However, I’ve been on the receiving end once or twice.  I’ve had terrible ones and absolutely incredible ones.  I’m going to attempt to give blowjob advice from the receiver’s side.  I’m just trying to do my part to rid the world of bad blowjobs.  Like a superhero.

Like everything sexual, have to have the right attitude.  We don’t want a girl that’s shy or insecure with a cock.  We want to see you excited about it.  Almost worshiping it.  Look up at us and make eye contact.  Moan.  Make a show out of it.  You’re objective is to make him cum, ideally into your mouth, but at least on your body if you’re a prude.  Making him cum requires constant stroking actions using your mouth, hands, or both.

A blowjob isn’t all about the cock.  Show some love to the whole area.  Put his balls in your mouth while you jack him off with your hand.  Lick his “taint” meat while his balls rest on your face.  Slide your tongue across his asshole if you’re both in to it (to be addressed later). Remember to keep your hand moving up and down his shaft and bumping the head of his cock on the upstroke.

In case you don’t know, men like it when you deepthroat.  As deep as you can take it.  If you don’t already know how, look it up.  There are tons of instructional videos online.  When you take his cock into your mouth, open your mouth up wide so you don’t drag your teeth.  Keep your hand right in front of your lips and stroke his cock with both your mouth and your hands.

Pay attention to his body movements, if you feel his legs flexing and toes curling, you’re doing it right.  If you pay attention to how he’s reacting, it should be pretty easy to tell when he’s getting close to cumming.  Let him grab hold of your head and fuck your mouth.  Let him grab your hair.  Don’t be afraid to gag on his cock.

When you know that he’s close to cumming, jack his dick off fast and hard.  Don’t change the rhythm.  Keep sucking and jacking until he’s all the way through the orgasm and his body relaxes.  Please, please, please don’t stop jacking right before he cums.

After you make him cum, sit back and be proud of yourself.  Remember, practice makes perfect.  So, practice, practice, and practice some more!

I love the sound of a woman having an orgasm! The loss of control. The primal screams. The ragged breathing.

They say men are visual creatures, but I think it’s a combination of visual and auditory. What you say and how you say it can effect the whole sexual experience if you do it well.

In foreplay, tell him what you want to do to him and how he makes you feel. Use dirty words. Curse. Get nasty. Let him know when your pussy’s getting wet.  How good his warm mouth feels on your nipples.  Make sounds like you’re ravenously hungry and finally getting fed when you give him a blow job.

During sex is the perfect time to tell him your fantasies or narrate scenarios about his. Tell him how his dick feels inside you. Let him know when he’s deep, hitting your g-spot, or bumping your cervix.

Then cum. Let everything out. Scream, cry, tell him your cumming and what a good job he’s doing. Let him your your struggle to breath and your loss of control. Then, when he gets ready to cum, encourage him. Tell him where you want him to come. Convince him you want nothing else in this world, at this minute, than for him to cum deep inside you.

Then, you can both lay there panting. Sweating. Exhausted.

It turns me on just thinking about it. So, until next time. Stay dirty!!

Have you ever caught your man masturbating?

Does it piss you off?


I want to explain why guys jack off from a man’s point of view. It’s pretty easy. We’re lazy and it’s easy.

Don’t be threatened by your man’s masturbation habits. We don’t do it to make up for something you don’t provide and it doesn’t replace you.

It’s just fun! Kind of like a hobby. When we cum, it’s not a full blown orgasm like we get from sex. It’s a lot more simple. It’s quick, easy, and relaxing.

It just takes a LOT less energy than sex. We don’t have to worry about foreplay, if you’re in the mood, or how our breath smells because it doesn’t matter. It’s all about us. No sweating or physical labor involved. 10 minutes and we’re good!!

So if you’re the type of chick that won’t discuss or admit that your man jacks off, grow up and relax. It’s a pretty good feeling and great sexting ammunition when you’re open and honest about it. Don’t be threatened. It’s harmless.

Unless he goes blind….

Stay dirty…

Toe-tal Erogenous Zone

Try incorporating this into your foreplay tonight.

Foot massages are awesome, but if your primary goal is an actual foot massage, you’ll probably relax him so much that you’ll have to really work hard to get him in the mood.

When you rub his feet, why not massage his whole leg? Focus on his toes, knees, and sensitive inner thighs. Brush his balls with your hands, but don’t play with them yet.

Kiss his thighs. Anywhere North of his knees is sensitive and radiates directly to his cock. Work your back down to his feet, and while you rub them, suck on his big toe like it’s a cock. I don’t have a foot fetish or anything, but having any appendage sucked like it’s a cock turns me on. It’s awesome to be a dude!

If you’re not shy, which I’ve already addressed in previous posts, spin around and let him see your ass and pussy while you work on his feet and legs. Don’t forget make plenty of noise while you do it!

Hopefully, you’re the type of woman that gets turned on by knowing you’re driving your man into a sexual frenzy. If not, act like you are. It’s an investment. Your payment will be great passionate sex and earth shattering orgasms. It’s likely that if he is surprised and likes something you’ve done to him, you can look forward to the having the same thing done to you.

More to cum…stay dirty!

Is it okay for a woman to be sexual aggressive?  Is it okay to act slutty?  The simple answer is YES, but it’s more complicated than that.

If you’re married or in a monogamous relationship, the aggressiveness will probably bounce back and forth between the two partners.  Avoid getting into a slump in which he is always the aggressor.   Show some initiative and you’ll be paid back in orgasms.  When YOU are fucking HIM, it frustrates him.  Not in a bad way, in an animalistic way.  Like a dog that can’t get to his chew toy.  He might not let you take complete control, but he’ll let you sexually assault him, I promise.

His dick doesn’t have to be hard for you to play with it.  We don’t wait for your juices to flow before we start playing with YOU  do we?!  Grab him unexpectedly, put his limp dick in your mouth and make it come to life.  Tell him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you. 69 with him on TOP then grind your pussy on his face until he can’t breath.  Then lay him back and ride him while you tell him how good his dick feels.  Fuck him like you mean it!

When it’s his turn, he’ll fuck you as hard as you fucked him…if he survived the fucking he just received.

Go get your moves on!  Stay dirty!

Hey! Thanks so much for the support so far.  It’s MUCH more than I expected! Keep coming around and I’ll keep you entertained.

I’ve made a few changes to look of the blog.  Let me know what you think.  The more you comment, the more inspiration I have to keep going.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out the “Get Your Mind Right” post and comments.  Good stuff!

I’ll get my next post up very soon.  Until then…

“Stay Dirty”

What about you?

So, you think you’re over weight. Your figure is ruined after kids. Your thighs are fat. Your face is breaking out. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Here’s a secret….


We don’t give a fuck! We’ve already accepted you AND once we’re horny, all attention to detail goes out the window. So if it’s your first time being with a guy, do a lot of foreplay with your clothes on before anyone gets naked. Relax and be comfortable with yourself. I promise we only notice a fraction of the things you’re worried about. The more comfy you are with yourself, the more of yourself you’ll give to your man, and the better the sex will be.

Sexy is a state of mind. A confidence. You have the vagina, we want the vagina, use your natural powers of sexual prowess. Most men want a woman they can be proud to introduce their family and friends to, that’s the gentlemen in us. Then, when it comes sex, we want an absolute gutter slut. Someone we can be honest about our fantasies with. Experiment with. A girl that isn’t afraid to get into crazy sex positions because of her own self consciousness.

You have to remember, men watch porn and masturbate. Even if your man says he doesn’t and never would, he does. And when men watch porn, men don’t watch porn involving a woman that insists on missionary position with her legs flat on the bed and the lights off. They watch porn with women in contorted positions, telling the man what she wants, when she’s cumming, and where she wants him to cum.

Find your inner porn star! Watch some porn. Emulate it. Find out what your man’s into. The hornier you make him, the hornier you’ll be, and the better sex will be.

If your not both exhausted after sex, you’re doing it wrong. Now get out there and rock his world!


From the best songs to put you in the mood, to the crazy bedroom moves every one should try once. Every place is a great stage for performance.

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